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Swissbuildings 3D 2.0 now available swisswide

The initial creation of the Swiss building stock as 3D models was completed at the beginning of September 2018. With the Swisstopo Swisstopo Map Viewer, everyone can now access the building models and make virtual flights across the Swiss federal territory. The building models can also be obtained in the most common delivery formats via the Swisstopo geo data shop.

The project swissBuildings3D 2.0, which has been running since 2012, was implemented in close cooperation between Swisstopo, UVM Systems GmbH and third-party companies. Based on photogrammetrically measured and combined pattern roofs, our CityGRID® software generated the 3D building models fully automatically. In order to be able to offer models that are as realistic as possible, not only the shape of the building but also the characteristic roof overhangs have been integrated.

We congratulate Swisstopo on this milestone!

Abbildung swissBuildings3D 2.0 Blick auf Bern