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For the presentation of 3D data, in particular large-scale city models, UVM Systems offers a web service. This "Web Scout" allows you to view CityGRID® Scout projects over the Internet on various devices. This includes all popular web browsers, mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems, VR goggles such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, etc. In addition to the clients already implemented, additional clients can be implemented on request. The list of all available and still executable clients is listed below.

The Web Scout can be hosted on Linux or Windows operating systems, and can run on Apache web server or Internet Information Server. The browser client is based on the latest WebGL / Html5 technology and can be used free of installation and plugin. For browsers without WebGL support (e.g. Internet Explorer), we also offer a Java based browser client.

The following links to the respective web scout client (round buttons or preview image) open the service hosted by UVM Systems, in which various customer projects can be viewed. On request, customer-generated scouts can also be hosted at the UVM Systems service, or a dedicated service can be set up in the customer's IT environment.




operating instructions

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Do you have questions about providing your 3D city model data over the Internet?
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