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Logo CityGRID Scout

CityGRID® Scout is the 3D viewer of the CityGRID® software package, which allows you to navigate through scenes that have been processed with CityGRID® Builder. CityGRID® Scout can be used locally on the computer, in the web browser or as an app on mobile devices. Mouse, game controller, gesture control (Microsoft Kinect) or VR glasses (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) might be used for control. The CityGRID® Builder license covers a free distribution of prepared Scout projects in any number.


  • High-performance visualisation of large-scale 3D models.
  • Visualisation offline, in-browser (both WebGL and Java) and as an app on mobile devices.
  • Use of streaming technology for optimised data transmission.
  • Definition of viewpoints and camera rides.
  • Switching of prepared variants for the simulation of different planning states.
  • Representation of moving objects such as cars, trains or windmills.
  • Integration of web services.
  • WMTS map for navigation support.
  • Rendering of still images and video sequences.
  • Query of building IDs and attributes.
  • Measuring coordinates and distances.
  • Shadow simulation by date and time.


CityGRID Scout

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